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Vehicular Units

As a bit of an aside from hot Kart dates and rants about cheating!

I used to swear by Luigi on the Super Blooper. I got to feeling frisky one day (over a year after starting the game), and rocked a Toadette on the Cheap Charger.

Have any of you fellow racers had a beloved kart/bike get switched for something else later on in your racing 'career'? Why?

And if not, why do you remain faithful to your first love?

Also, have you played through the other vehicle options? I know that many folks with SKILLZ rock the bikes, but I can't do it! I love to swing my drifts wide and long, whereas bikes get that shizznit TIGHT. Its interesting.

Thanks in advance for any input! I've always wondered about this stuff.
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I used to love Funky Kong on the Flame Runner bike but now I almost exclusively use small characters (dry bones, Mii, etc.) in a bullet bike.

I started out with Rosalina on the Standard Bike, maybe every 100th race I would switch to the Wario Bike. Now I am hooked on Bowser Jr./ Mach Bike. But I might switch to the Sneakster in the near future.
When I play with people on the wifi, I find it nearly impossible to win on a kart if the players have over 6500 vr points...maybe it is just not what I am used to...Bikes just seem way, way faster.
I used to use Rosalina In the wario bike or Yoshi in the sugarscoot or baby luigi in the bullet bike. Now i find myself using Rosalina in the flame runner,Yoshi/Daisy/Peach in the mach bike/dolphin dasher/sneakster and baby luigi in the magikruiser. these are what unlocked everything for me :]
i remain faithful to the Sneakster. i usually play with my mii, but sometimes i stray for Bowser Jr.