That's Ren & Stimpy. They're way existential. (flyingpigs_live) wrote in wii_kartonline,
That's Ren & Stimpy. They're way existential.

new FC

Hey y'all my name is Gina. I FINALLY got Wii wireless so I can now play against you guys- my FC is 0475-0369-7954, so add me pleeease because none of my rl friends have it and I want to play against people. :)
Tags: friend codes
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YES! I am looking for new friends to play with too. My number is in my icon, and I will add yours tonight when I get on to play :)
I added you!
My FC is 0960-9907-4882
Hi guys!! I'm lookin for new NON CHEATIN friends! Add me FC: 1720-2314-5597..... wats yours!! :)
awesome! i'll add you later. i haven't played lately :)
Hi my name is karen, i no exactly how u feel that no one likes to compete lol if u wanna play my FC: 1720-2314-5597
hey i'll add ya tonight :)