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Friend Codes

If you're a member of wii_kartonline, you may post your Friend Codes from Mario Kart Wii here!

Two things that I would like to ask of you, if I may:

1) If you utilize someone's FC(Friend Code), please leave a comment stating that you have, so they can add you back.
2) State what time zone you are in, so that others can have a general idea of when you may be online.

Here's an example of what your Comment to this post should look like:

Please add me, as well! ;D
Now, on with the navigation!

A Link to Joystiq.com's Guide On How To Get Online

Registering A Mario Kart Friend Code (12-Digit)

For additional info on Mario Kart's WFC options, please see our FAQ!

Registering A Wii Friend (16-Digit)

To register any Wii friends, you will need their Wii Number first. Before you can send messages to them or see them online in your games, they will need to add your Wii Number to their address book as well.

NOTE: To register a Wii Friend your Wii must be connected to the internet with a broadband internet connection.

After selecting Register from the Address Book, enter the following information by moving the cursor over the options and pressing the A button.

1. Select the Wii option to register another Wii console.

2. Enter a nickname for your friend.

3. Enter the Wii Number for that console.

4. To attach a Mii, select the Mii icon, then select the Mii you would like to use.

5. Select OK to confirm the information and register your Wii Friend.

Finding your Wii Number

The Wii Number is a 16-digit number assigned to each Wii console. By exchaning Wii Numbers with other Wii users, you can register your Wii system to a Wii Friend.

1. Open your address book to page 1.

2. Move the cursor over the left scroll button and press the A button to view your Console's Wii Number.

A BIG thank you to moonrise for putting together the Wii FC Guide!

- hikarisenshi
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