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Hey everyone, I recently bought the game and need some friends to play with!
I normally play in the evenings, but I work in a hospital all crazy shifts so it's hard to say. But I play a lot. I normally play as Peach, Rosalina, or my Mii.

Just leave a comment so I can add you back!
James on phone

A Race or Two?

Hey everybody, first time posting in this community, and I got Mario Kart Wii the day it came out and I've really been neglecting it for a while do to school and so forth, but I've been getting the urge to play it lately. I usually race as Luigi,Baby Luigi, or Yoshi. I'll be on pretty much whenever I can get the time to do so.

Just drop me a comment if you feel like racing or anything of the sort.

My FC is: 2578-4061-8396

Oh and two quick question:
1. If I encounter a cheater on online racing, should I just quit or ride it out until the end?
2. Is it true that if you choose a character and their (bike/car) matches up (e.g: Rosalina and the shooting star) that they are faster?

Looking forward to racing with you all (:
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Cheater Cheater!

I was just partaking of some Wii Karting on a series of tubes with other folks.

On a Mario Raceway 64 race, some douchenozzle other racer kept sneaking up to first and then dropping 3 Bob-ombs in a row, whether s/he blasted an Item Box or not.
Wtf! It really affected other racers in a bad way!

Upon completing the race, this racer had 9999 VR points and a clever handle of "Nightmare".
Sketchy much?

Has anyone else encountered such cheatery? Hacks? It was really frustrating, because its freakin' MARIOKART and its supposed to be a silly, good time.

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Wanna Race?

Hi everyone! My name is Kendra and I'm a 21 year old female living in Massachusetts. I'm usually on at night but contact me to set up a time. I used to be in this community under a different account but I have a new lj now. I feel so proud of myself. I finally earned a star ranking in mario kart. Yes I know I sound like a n00b. but I'm happy! If you want to race my code is under the cut

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So, have any of you encountered a cheater while racing online? You know, the kind with infinite blue shells? I raced two of them a few weeks ago and I barely got of the race with 2nd place.

By the way, if you anyone you want to add me, I'd be happy to race with you! My number's 0688 - 6129 - 3677. My name's Kojo and I use the Standard Bike. :D

Up for a race?

So I'm looking for a few people to play a friendly game or two:) i'm an average player. (6700 ish points i think). Here's my FC if anyone feels up for a friendly race with new people:) or post your Fc for a game in the future.

FC : 3136 6806 8999.

I'm on Nz time which is, 2 hours faster than Aussie time:)

Also, anyone else think MK Wii is a tad unbalanced compared to the previous games? Myself and a fiend of mine has named it MKS or Mario Kart Syndrome. Example being, Your racing your hit with a blue shell, red shell, then a pow block and go from first to last, or it happens JUST after you get into 1st place. normally inches away form the finish line:p or combination like red shell, lightning, blue shell.

Anyone else get that?