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A Community Made for and Maintained by Fans of the Popular Nintendo Genre

Welcome to wii_kartonline!!

A LiveJournal Community dedicated to one of the most anticipated games of 2008; Mario Kart Wii! If you are looking for a place to challenge people online, talk racing strategy, or just here to make friends and have fun... you've come to the right place!

What is Our Purpose?
Wii_Kart Online's goal: to increase awareness of the Mario Kart genre, and to promote the growth of high-quality games.

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Wii_Kart Online's moderators: hikarisenshi & candybouquet! We're pretty used to doing the mod thing, but if we ever need to add someone, it'll be based on good behavior and someone that we both think possesses a sense of responsibility. We love good members! ^___^

Laws of the Land:

Respect your fellow members. No profanity, and no sexually explicit images.

2) Stay on topic.

3) If any graphics/fanfics/fan art are posted, please use an lj-cut.

4) Do not hotlink images / any types of media.

5) Be a good sport! Please do not reset matches in the middle of the game. If this is reported, you will be warned and then BANNED.

This community was created on March 17th, 2008

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Wii_Kart Online's Timezone:
Central Standard Time
If you need to schedule a time to meet up for a battle, you can utilize the Community's time zone to do so.

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